Meet Changing the Game Awards Honoree: Brianna Cayo Cotter,

April 17, 2014 at 1:00 pm

brianna_cayo_cotterBrianna Cayo Cotter is’s managing director of communications. Brianna has more than a decade of experience developing creative, effective communications strategies to help advance social change. She has run media and communications departments at Avaaz, Rainforest Action Network, and the Energy Action Coalition (a massive network of young people working to address climate change).

At, Brianna built and runs one of the most effective social change communications teams in the world, waking up every morning thinking about how to help ordinary people leverage the media to tell their stories and create big change. She speaks regularly with the media and at events about storytelling, social good business, corporate accountability, technology, and digital activism.

Join AWNY at the 8th Annual Changing The Game Awards on Wednesday, April 23rd as we honor Brianna Cayo Cotter in the No Apologies category. Register today!