Loyal CVS Shoppers Will Get Customized Ads

October 15, 2013 at 8:00 am


cvs myWeekly Ad

There are plenty of chain drugstores to choose from with a variety of loyalty and coupon programs at each.  But now, CVS regulars will be getting ads specifically tailored to their wants and needs.

CVS Pharmacy is taking a big step forward in the increasingly popular realm of personalizing and selecting products for shoppers. The effort will offer customers who belong to the chain’s ExtraCare loyalty program tailored versions of the weekly print circulars distributed through newspapers and in stores to an estimated 45 million people.

The new advertising initiative, myWeekly Ad, will take information from a shopper’s ExtraCare member card and use it to suggest items based off of their previous purchases. All in all, the campaign’s goal is to draw in a younger audience that spends a majority of its time searching the internet for sales and deals.

 Do you think CVS’ new advertising method will work in drawing in a younger demographic?

Smile! Google Will Use Your Face In Its New Ads

October 14, 2013 at 8:00 am

google ads

The issue of privacy on the internet is a growing concern for many people. With advertisers and companies constantly seeking out your personal information to utilize it for their benefit, there’s reason to be leery of social giants like Facebook and Google. Even more so now, with a new policy that Google will be implementing on November 11 for Google+ users.

Business Week breaks down Google’s new advertisement policy below:

Here’s how it works: You use Google+ to rate some product or service. It turns out the company behind that product wants to advertise on Google. When the company purchases an ad, your friends will see a version that includes your photo along with what you said about the product.

Find out how you can opt out of appearing in Google advertisements here…

How Taco Bell Is Taking Advantage Of Snapchat Stories

October 11, 2013 at 8:00 am

Snapchat Taco Bell CollageTaco Bell is one of the only brands has been taking advantage of Snapchat’s new story feature, in which messages, photos and videos hang around for 24 hours.

When Snapchat was first introduced, it was known for its quick aspect where users content would disappear after 10 seconds. Mashable explains that now with the story feature, Taco Bell is paving the way to tell a very simple, brand-appropriate tale.

“This is something a lot of fans tell us all the time,” said Nick Tran, the social media lead for Taco Bell, “They love sharing their stories and trips and adventure. We created a story that modeled that experience of hanging out with a friend.”

Who knew going on “Taco Bell run” could be so much fun?

Would you participate if your favorite brand started using the Snapchat stories feature?

Nielsen Introduces Twitter Ratings For TV

October 10, 2013 at 8:00 am

200532275-001We all know how much influence social media platforms have on our lives. Well, now, Twitter will be contributing even more to our everyday routines with Neilsen introducing it’s new Twitter TV ratings.

Mashable explains that with so many popular TV shows starting back up this fall, Nielsen will use Twitter data to present the unique audience, impressions and tweets for top TV shows each week.

“The Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings are a powerful measurement with far reaching implications for the industry,” Steve Hasker, president of global product leadership for Nielsen, said in a statement.

With shows like The Voice and Dancing With The Stars, we will now be able to see how Twitter activity influences TV ratings. 

7 Reasons Why Facebook Is Such a Powerful Marketing Platform

October 9, 2013 at 8:00 am

Facebook is the largest and most influential social media network available today, which is exactly why every company and brand should be on it.

Aside from creating a strong presence on Facebook, you should also consider your marketing strategy on this social platform. Despite recent articles that Facebook is getting older and less relevant, it still has the strongest reach in the young adult age bracket coveted by marketers.

Business Insider breaks down demographics and statistics in a recent report that prove that Facebook is a powerful marketing platform for companies, products and brands.

Here are the seven surprising findings on Facebook’s numbers…