Andrew Dice Clay Is A Talking Hamster In Sprint’s New Ad

March 25, 2014 at 8:00 am

Andrew Dice Clay Is a talking hamster in sprints new ad

In an odd new commercial from Sprint, a diverse family with Andrew Dice Clay playing a talking hamster dad advertises the company’s new “Framily” plan as well as the changing social dynamic of the American family.

The spot features the “Frobinsons”, a family with a son that speaks in a southern accent and paints miniatures, a daughter surrounded by animated bluebirds that speaks only in French, an older hipster college-aged son, a presumably “normal” mom, and a hamster dad with a thick New York accent. Sprint is hoping the strange mix of personalities and species will resonate with the public.

As published in AdWeek, Sprint CMO Jeff Hallock had this to say in a statement: “The American family has changed. Our families today are more than our relatives, but also our friends, our neighbors—basically all the people we love. So we created a product to give the new American family the flexibility and value they need from a wireless plan, brought to life through the Frobinsons. Our campaign acknowledges that we all have families that are unique with interesting personalities. It’s a fun, lighthearted look at one group going through life as one big, happy Framily.”

 Click through to see the commercial on Youtube.